“Fabulous job with booth design, fabrication and installation. The displays were wonderful and decor complimented the beautiful environment that you created. Without your thoughtful planning and oversight, an undertaking like this would have been nearly impossible at such a short notice. True commitment, professionalism and great team effort”. - Vikas Dahiya, Account & Partner Manager at Ericsson/Hewlett-Packard Telecom

Our Businesses

Whatever the size of your project, its purpose or application:
Our comprehensive services allow us to perfectly tailor a design and build solution to each project‘s individual needs. Openness and flexibility are the bottom line for our business. Combining design and build in a comprehensive, multi-discipline approach and designing for reliability – this is how perfect projects become a reality.
A brief year-after-year growth story of our success in union with the clients since 1997
Trade Show Exhibits
Trade Show Exhibits: Obtain thematic direction and appropriate solutions to achieve your marketing and communications’ goals through trade shows as media. We determine and implement the most effective, engaging and appropriate methods of communicating your message and showcasing your brand.
Retail: Look out for our best solutions to stock and sell your products. We design and develop retail displays/spaces that not only are eye-catching but also promote an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience to your consumers.
Theme Events
Theme Events: Kim Einhorm, Director of Theme Traders, rightly points out “theming is an invisible form of branding.”, We also believe theme added is the most ‘effective’ branding tool. Our specialized team lays down a perfect creative medium to attract attention and embellish an otherwise ‘plain’ event.
Interactive Media
Interactive Media: With the world’s pace getting faster, there is an ever increasing demand for interaction and engagement to play a pivotal part within the creative environment. We design/ develop/incorporate meaningful visitor/customer experiences using latest digital AV technologies.

Our Services Include

Custom Rental

times when you might not have larger budgets and/or timelines and are looking for something that is very cost-effective and/or fast, renting becomes the best option that is convenient and gives full flexibility.
We are your go-to supplier for light weight wall panels, flat-foldable counters, furniture, custom-built miscellaneous structures, audio/video equipments, etc.


We have fully insured facilities to store your deliverables until the next deployment. Our experienced staff receives, catalogs, run checks and stores for you.

Creatives and Planning

Whether you are an industry associate looking to get your concepts translated into detailed drawings prior to production or just seeking freelance designs or you are a client with brief/idea about your requirements to create effective, engaging and appropriate methods to display products/services and communicate your message, our CAD team with latest available tools offer extensive expertise in designing and planning.

Complete Production, Prototyping, Assembly and Installation

Your deliverables are custom built component-by-component in our fully-equipped shops on multitude of high precision machines. We organize, produce and develop projects completely in house. In the prototype department, ideas become samples and creativity is converted into products. We run highest level of quality checks by assembling your set-up before shipping and make sure there is no room for error during final install on site. Wide range of in-house build and installation depth and flexibility help us deliver flawless quality of products and unmatched services on time, every time.